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Massachusetts House of Representatives

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Massachusetts House of Representatives
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Project highlights:

  • The House Chamber has Seats for over 160 Representatives
  • Full Hardware and Software Redundancy
  • Touch Panel Control for Requests-to-Speak

Media Vision USA was selected as the provider of digital request-to-speak conference microphones and other related technologies to be placed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives Chamber. Over 160 delegate microphones were flush-mounted into the existing furniture, being careful not to make any change to the over 100-year old wooden desks used by the representatives. A fully redundant system was installed at the control room, adding an additional TAIDEN Main Unit to act as a secondary should the primary ever fail. In this way there would be no interruption to the session in case of hardware failure. A TAIDEN 15” touch panel control system was programmed and installed for the officials to monitor and control the request to speak list. The House of Representatives is also set up for Automatic Video Tracking thru the TAIDEN system as well as digital video and audio recording.