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Decisive Analytics Corporation (DAC) is a provider of solutions to complex problems faced by a wide spectrum of companies and organizations. These solutions include engineering services, media integration and the deployment of advanced technologies. DAC turned to Planar for a unique video wall in the entry/reception area of its new headquarters space in Arlington, Virginia. The objective of the video wall is to show DAC to be a one-of-a-kind, visionary service provider, and to demonstrate to its clients, the power of a video wall as both an informational platform and an architectural element.

To convey this concept convincingly, DAC chose the Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Wall. This new category of digital signage systems makes use of new sizes and shapes of video display tiles in order to allow the creation of more unique video platforms and to take advantage of the power of full HD and 4K content now available.

"We get very high quality content on our laptops, tablets, even smart phones today—it's nearly ubiquitous. Planar Mosaic lets us bring this same stunning content to the video wall environment in our facility, which makes a strong statement about who we are as a company. It demonstrates the added value of integrating a video wall into the architecture of any customer setting," says Richard Adleson, Vice President, Decisive Analytics.

Design of Planar Mosaic provides endless possibilities for creative expression

Planar developed Planar Mosaic specifically to provide an added dimension to the video wall landscape. Planar Mosaic features different sizes of rectangular displays, as well as the first truly square tile, which DAC uses. Planar Mosaic video walls redefine interior spaces by providing endless possibilities for creative expression, and offer a dynamic new way to deliver art and information. Tiles can be mounted in any position relative to each other, and individually at almost any angle. Further, they do not have to be physically mounted next to each other; rather, there can be space between them and content can flow to and through them and a continuous image can still be achieved. This negative space creates visual interest and helps establish the video wall as an architectural feature.

DAC chose to use Planar Mosaic's 22-inch square display tile, Planar® Salvador™ AD22 exclusively, installing it in a slightly curved arc on the focal point wall of the reception area. The configuration is five displays wide by three high (5 x 3), with all displays physically connected to each other. Adleson says the slim profile and ultra-narrow bezel width (5.9 mm) of Planar Mosaic allowed for the curved installation, and he utilizes software developed in-house to achieve negative space—had it chosen to do so, DAC could have mounted the displays apart from each other to achieve negative space. "The 5 x 3 display gives us a large visual field as a foundation, and through software we can create the negative space and achieve some other effects as well. This combination is what really adds value."

Product features deliver many tangible benefits

Among the important features of Planar Mosaic, Adleson says is the off-board, rack-mountable power supply modules which can be located away from the video wall. Cables can be daisy-chained through a group of Planar Mosaic tiles, eliminating the need for power outlets behind each tile.

"The off-board feature stood out for us because it would make the video wall quiet – which enhances the viewer's experience – but also because it keeps the video wall running cooler than other manufacturers' video walls. This makes it more reliable and avoids the need for additional cooling," Adleson adds.

For Adleson and DAC, however, the content handling capability of Planar Mosaic is key. The video wall is operational nearly 16 hours every day, depicting company branding and scenic images. Adleson says he plans to add other content such as seasonal messaging (e.g., holiday scenes, even weather and local traffic information). "With Planar Mosaic, you can start at a point that your budget and interests allow and then expand from there. The ability to show disconnected but scaled content, still imagery and full-motion 4K video makes for highly effective communication. It is a way to make your company stand out and to continue to do so by taking advantage of the ever-growing universe of 4K content that's out there. In that respect, Planar Mosaic can be among a company's most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools."