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Planar CarbonLight LED Displays Integrate with Robotic Technology to Create Unique Exhibition Experience

Protec is one of the world's largest event and staging companies serving the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Far East. Specializing in large-scale ceremonies, shows, as well as sophisticated corporate gatherings and special exhibitions, Protec blends creative design with technical expertise in the production of unique and globally acclaimed events.

One of Protec's divisions includes a specialized department dedicated to corporate events and exhibitions using the latest technologies including robotics and motion tracking. As part of this continually growing category, Protec is devising novel ways to employ robotic technologies with live events and shows, driving excitement through impactful experiences.

The European arm of Protec — Protec European Events — has taken this entertainment concept of integrating display technology with robotics to create a dynamic presentation and the first show of its kind in the UK.

To be able to feasibly attach digital displays onto Protec's robots and to allow the robots to seamlessly move and rotate the displays as part of a performance, Protec European Events turned to Planar and acquired two Planar CarbonLight™ CLI Series LED video wall displays — one with a 2.6mm pixel pitch (CLI2.6) and another with a 3.9mm pixel pitch (CLI3.9).

Featuring a line of thin, flexible and lightweight LED video wall displays engineered with high-strength carbon fiber construction, the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series is uniquely suited to allow for larger, more complex display configurations. With the specialized robotics application, the lightweight structural design of the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series presented an ideal solution due to the weight limitations of what the robots could operate.

Sean Godefroy, head of video with Protec European Events, said the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series displays bring an interactive element to events and enables more flexible use of floor space. "The product is lighter than conventional panels, which is great because it allowed us to use a larger installation for what we were trying to achieve with our robotic technology," he said.

"The support from Planar was second to none," said project manager Glenn Richardson. "The Planar CarbonLight CLI Series was the perfect choice to use with our robotic arms to create the movement that we hoped to achieve."