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4K/HD All Media Production Center of the School of Communication at Mianyang Teachers' College

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4K/HD All Media Production Center of the School of Communication at Mianyang Teachers' College
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As informatization moves more deeply into education, larger steps are required in reforming teaching, optimizing teaching administration, and innovating teaching models. The 4K All Media Production Center is a hub for cultivating media talents. Guided by a scientific teaching approach, a professional lab under optimal administration is presented to improve the lab’s overall usage.

New radio and video technologies are making it easier to create ultra-high quality (UHQ) programming. The quality and efficiency of program production is boosted when new technologies and equipment become more popular and accessible. The filming of high-resolution (HD) programs and 4K All Media

Production Center match the thriving media convergence, which contributes to richer means of and greater flexibility in program production.


A new 4K/HD All Media Production Center has been built for the School of Communication at Mianyang

Teachers’ College. The Center supports multi-scene, multi-functional practical training, and teaching, 4K studio system, IP-based production process, and multi-person off-site interaction. The Center puts together 80+ new smart devices, including: 4K cameras, a 4K studio system, NDI® management and scheduling system, off-site mobile interaction system, intercom system, lighting control system, fresh air system, teleprompter system, and interactive telestrator system.

The Center is divided into zones such as virtual live streaming, seated interview, standing interaction, anchor dialog, off-site interaction, and classroom observation. It’s complete with IP transmission, transcoding, calibration, recording, virtual set studio and social media live streaming. It can also input from existing baseband such as SDI, HDMI, NDI source, cellphone, and computer NDI sources.

Much of this was done using a NewTek TriCaster® TC1 and its advanced production capabilities. The

TriCaster TC1 enables a full IP workflow including signal programming, conversion, scheduling,

and recording, as well as virtual studio and live streaming outputs. The TC1 accommodates

any combination of compatible video sources, including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, NDI and mobile/

computer IP signals.

The project answers the need for talent training among communication schools in the context of

media convergence.


01 Live broadcast

All-media multi-channel live program production allows news broadcasts, virtual broadcasts, and interviews, among other sorts of programs.4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) programs, shows, activities, and athletic events may be produced live, and native 2160P videos can be viewed at 60 frames per second. Advanced IP workflow secures efficient and quality production.

02 Virtual studio

The four-channel virtual studio enables high-quality virtual keying, video composition, and VR program production.

03 Campus-wide high quality video transmission

The100Mb HD videos may be transmitted across the campus network, and all camera signals can be relayed from all sections of the campus network to the studio. The studio can also send high-quality videos to all classrooms. The Internet allows for two-way video contact between the phone and the studio. Remote connections with several channels and remote Tally are also possible.

04 Remote interaction and internship

Interactive program creation, teaching, and internships may all be conducted remotely.

05 Rich extended signal sources

An infinite number of NDI signals can be scheduled at any time (by computer or mobile device).

06 Multi-channel recording

07 Graphics system and commentary program production


The 4K/HD All Media Production Center supports a combination of 4K virtual and real scenes with a variety of features. It allows 4K/HD multi-channel broadcast program switching, 360° 4K/HD virtual studio, 4K online packaging, HD audio/video signal scheduling across the campus network, remote interaction, HD live streaming, VR live streaming, etc. It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology as well as a robust and comprehensive system and workflow, laying the basis for convergent media construction and teaching in the future.