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Legislative Council Agglomeration of Pays de l’Or, France

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Legislative Council Agglomeration of Pays de l’Or, France
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For this community of 8 municipalities located in the Occitanie region of France, there was a need to renovate and equip an old lecture hall with conference solutions to host council meetings. 

At the stage, the TAIDEN HCS-4886 tabletop push-to-talk microphones with electronic voting deliver great intelligibility to the deliberations. The LCD display onboard the unit shows voting options and an RFID card reader allows secure identity verification and voting rights of elected officials. 

For the assembly rows, the equipment selection required special attention considering the need for integration into theater-type furniture with retractable shelves at each position. The TAIDEN HCS-48U10 flush-mount microphone plates met the precise needs for system compatibility, for a user-friendly interface with all required functionalities including three voting buttons, and an aesthetically-pleasing metal finish. 

With Media Vision’s recommendations for conference microphone and electronic voting solutions, and following the work of the integrator that designed quality custom-made boxes to host the microphone plates, all integration challenges were met with a harmonious and effective result for this legislative chamber