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Model: Cool-off

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Cooling systems can fail for a variety of reasons. Whether an ATM product or not, the best system can lose its cooling effectiveness due to power surges, power cords accidentally unplugged, thermal probes moved out of position, or air paths blocked by added or repositioned equipment. Air conditioning systems can also fail, especially during periods of prolonged heat. (Or they can become heating systems when the weather turns cold.) Cool-off consists of a programmable thermal switch which controls a power outlet. Below the temperature set at time of installation, AC power is fed to the outlet through heavy 15 ampere relay contacts. Should the remote probe sense a temperature above the set point, power to the outlet is interrupted until the temperature drops to a predetermined temperature. Cool-off is easily reprogrammed for different turn-off temperatures, can be rewired for operation on 230 volts, and can provide dry contact closures or openings.
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