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UPMC Doctors Get Live Window Into The OR
Posted on Monday, May 3, 2010



HaiVision’s Furnace Gives Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC a Live Window Into Operating Rooms  

Secure Remote Access to Live Operating Room Video Allows Doctors to Monitor Surgery and Determine When to Scrub In


MONTREAL and CHICAGO May 3, 2010 HaiVision Network Video today announced that surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, one of the nation’s top pediatric hospitals, are using the HaiVision Furnace video-over-IP system to monitor progress of cardiology surgeries live from anywhere in the hospital, at the office, or from home. With secure remote access to live video providing a window into the operating room (OR), doctors can now collaborate more efficiently, thus improving patient care.

The Furnace system integrates seamlessly into the OR video routing system. An overhead camera used for viewing the OR procedure is routed to the Furnace system for distribution over the hospital’s local network or Internet. Contributing to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, encryption is applied to the video stream providing 100 percent security. Further, remote viewing of video is made available to an unlimited number of authorized clinicians through a secure VPN connection. The Furnace’s “zero footprint” InStream™ player requires no installation, maintenance, or service calls, as a result of which, doctors can access video, track procedures within any OR, and use the visual information to decide when to go scrub in for a surgery.

“Here at the hospital we perform a significant number of transplants, which can take several hours,” said Matt Klevemann, senior technical architect at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. “A particular surgeon may not be needed in the OR until well into the procedure, so it really is vital that doctors working collaboratively on a case have a real-time means of monitoring progress. The simplicity, reliability, and availability of the Furnace system save our staff a tremendous amount of time by allowing them to get a visual OR check from the convenience of their offices, any other hospital location, and even from the comfort of their homes.”

Prior to installing the Furnace system, the hospital fed video to a single conference room via a coaxial link. Doctors, many of whom have offices in different buildings, had to stop by this room regularly to keep abreast of surgery status. Today, the Furnace system makes video available to offices and laptops over the hospital’s wireless network, as well as to doctors’ homes via standard cable modem over the off-campus secure VPN. The ability to view video from anywhere gives doctors the flexibility to watch the progress of a procedure and decide when it’s time to go into surgery.

The easy deployment and maintenance of HaiVision’s Furnace system also offers significant savings in time and technical resources, an important benefit for the hospital’s limited IT staff. The system’s InStream player relies on a coupled client/server approach by which a doctor requests media access through a simple Web link and instantaneous communication informs the server who the user is and which platform he or she is using. The player then is sent to the user’s computer and launched to provide easy access to live-motion images. The IP video delivery system meets the healthcare facility’s steep security demands through a combination of AES encryption and conditional access technology, as well as full reporting on who viewed content, where, and when.

More information about the Furnace system and other HaiVision products, including recent case studies and application notes, is available within the download center at

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About Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

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