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Lightware Visual Engineering is a leading manufacturer of matrix switchers and accessories for professional AV market. Our goal is to recognize industry needs and develop highest quality and performance-rich products by continuously consulting with integrators, rental technicians, and design engineers.


The HDMI-OPTN-TX100A and HDMI-OPTN-RX100A transmitter and receiver devices are fiber extenders based on SDVoE technology and allow users to extend HDMI 2.0 compliant video, audio and control signals.
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Floorplate Product Variant of the VINX Is Now On Stock
Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2023
Floorplate Product Variant of the VINX Is Now On Stock

April 13, 2023 - Lightware is announcing that the latest floorplate product variant of the VINX is available.

The operation of FP-VINX-110P-HDMI-ENC and VINX decoders can be expanded from a simple point-to-point application to unlimited endpoints for the ultimate in virtual matrix switching, digital signage and signal extension. One of the most popular of the unique features of VINX is the Video Wall setup, reducing the time needed to install a video wall to a fraction of the time needed with other systems. The feature options include gap and bezel adjustment, which can be performed in batch.

VINX series also features crosspoint view: available in both the free Lightware Device Controller (LDC) management software and the built-in web in the devices, the crosspoint view shows the available input and output ports of all connected encoder and decoder units, and allows switching the signals across them.

The efficient design of all VINX models including the FP-VINX-110P-HDMI-ENC allows passive, fanless cooling. The device is compatible with MK CableLink Plus Screed, Single Pan Boxes, Onix Plus Screeded Floor system versions. Depending on which standard users intend to apply, this product is delivered with the selected mounting kit.

The wallplate version of the VINX was already launched, which you can find here: WP-VINX-110P-HDMI-ENC.