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Lightware Visual Engineering is a leading manufacturer of matrix switchers and accessories for professional AV market. Our goal is to recognize industry needs and develop highest quality and performance-rich products by continuously consulting with integrators, rental technicians, and design engineers.


The HDMI-OPTN-TX100A and HDMI-OPTN-RX100A transmitter and receiver devices are fiber extenders based on SDVoE technology and allow users to extend HDMI 2.0 compliant video, audio and control signals.
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Lightware Celebrates Successful Collaborations with its Strategic Alliance Partners
Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Lightware Celebrates Successful Collaborations with its Strategic Alliance Partners

March 27, 2024 - Lightware is pleased to announce our evolving strategic alliance relationships, recognising our partners today. Through our partnerships with Barco, Cisco, Logitech, Sennheiser and Utelogy Corporation, we are actively expanding our partner ecosystem, culminating in the delivery of more innovative and reliable solutions for our customers across multiple vertical markets and geographic regions.

Evolution of Alliance Partnerships

Lightware and Sennheiser joined forces to revolutionise AV interactions in hybrid working environments. Together, they have developed an integrated AV solution, combining Sennheiser's advanced ceiling microphones with a choice of Lightware solutions; Taurus UCX, Taurus TPX or the MMX2. The integration is driven by Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA). This technology intelligently ensures that remote meeting participants can clearly see and hear who is speaking at any given moment.  It offers comprehensive views, enhancing engagement in medium to large meeting rooms.

Additionally, with employees returning to the office, and a better user experience being more important than ever, Lightware and Barco’s partnership aims to enhance the meeting room experience. Lightware has been able to combine its Taurus UCX USB and HDMI Switchers with Barco’s ClickShare Conference to help solve multiple use cases. In rooms where ClickShare Conference is used as the default way to wirelessly present, but users want to connect their laptop to either the display and/or the USB peripherals, a Lightware Switcher can be used to automatically trigger the required changes.

Through another strategic alliance partnership, Lightware offers seamless integration with Cisco Room Devices in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, featuring its Taurus UCX/TPX and MMX2 series, unleashing the full power of USB: USB-C, USB A/B respectively. All series (MMX2, UCX, TAURUS TPX) provide 4K60 4:4:4 transmission and switching. The integration allows the user to expand the number of sources of the Cisco Room device, extend the range of transparent signal transmission, and divide or merge meeting spaces whilst controlling the sources and displays across multiple rooms.

Lightware and Logitech, through the Logitech Collaboration Program, are helping to reduce the hybrid headaches with enhanced meeting room functionality. As an answer to the booming bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, Lightware's Taurus UCX—now part of the Logitech Collaboration Program—transforms meeting rooms by enabling participants to effortlessly connect their personal devices and utilise various third-party video conferencing applications. Lightware's Taurus UCX facilitates integration with meeting room USB peripherals such as webcams, microphones, soundbars and touchscreens. Alongside empowering users to easily share content, switch hosts and control their meeting space, Lightware's Taurus UCX effectively eliminates interoperability issues and the frustration caused by tangled cables.

The final strategic alliance partner of Lightware’s is Utelogy Corporation. The recently enhanced partnership brings further integration with Utelogy’s driver for the Taurus UCX, delivering marked improvements in firmware management and upgrades for Lightware Taurus UCX devices. Lightware’s API has also undergone significant updates. This longstanding alliance has already delivered impressive results, notably at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The university successfully transitioned traditional classrooms into more dynamic learning environments, utilising the functionality of the Taurus UCX and Utelogy's innovative control solution. Now, they have the capability to operate a campus-wide solution that is user-friendly, able to preempt technical issues, maximise device uptime and provide room usage reports to optimise the efficiency of AV technology and venue usage.

Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware Visual Engineering remarks, “Collaborating with our Alliance partners has been a pivotal development for Lightware. Not only has it enabled us to enhance and refine our solutions, but these partnerships have also facilitated us with the opportunity to demonstrate our cutting-edge offerings in prominent workplaces and educational institutions. I am thrilled to see the ongoing development of these partnerships and I am confident that we can further enhance the solutions we provide clients and vendors. By continuously partnering with industry leaders and adapting to the dynamic AV market, we are able to offer more efficient solutions and products that not only save our customers time and resources, but also enhance their user experience.