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Lightware Visual Engineering is a leading manufacturer of matrix switchers and accessories for professional AV market. Our goal is to recognize industry needs and develop highest quality and performance-rich products by continuously consulting with integrators, rental technicians, and design engineers.

Model: UCX-4x3-HC40-BD

Universal matrix switcher that exploits the USB-C connectivity for a simplified transmission of 4K video, audio, control signals and power providing meeting participants with easy host switching.
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High Resolution Systems Release of UDC-400 3.0 Implements Extensive Feature Set
Posted on Sunday, January 2, 2011
High Resolution Systems Release of UDC-400 3.0 Implements Extensive Feature Set High Resolution Systems LLC has announced the release of UDC-400 3.0, a software-based Universal Device Controller. Designed for live events, staging and rental, worship, and corporate industrial and broadcast markets, the UDC-400 enables simple, cost-effective control of devices using IP (TCP/TELNET), Art-Net or and serial (232/422/485) protocols. It made its debut earlier this year at Infocomm.

UDC technology can be run on any Windows computer and works with touchscreens and mobile devices. The software can be used by itself or with the USB-connected UDC-400 control panel that offers 40 physical buttons with three virtual pages of button layouts for a total of 120 unique, user-defined buttons. Each button can be programmed to execute multiple commands to many devices on different networks.

The release of UDC-400 3.0 provides full implementation of an extensive feature set.

Listen and Learn technology gives users the ability to use their own computers running UDC as a listening device to record incoming commands which subsequently appear in the software as a button. Each button pressed from the controller sending incoming commands to UDC populates in the Listen and Learn user interface providing a virtual and visual representation of the hardware controller. Users can apply any outgoing command with any protocol, just like any other button in UDC software. With this feature users can employ a third-party controller or any other controller currently in use as a Universal Device Controller to communicate with any other device giving a new lease on life to older controllers designed with outdated technology or new controllers that are designed to control only a single manufacturer's brand of device.

Protocol translation is used to translate known incoming commands to different outgoing commands, such as translating PBUS from a video switcher to UDP commands or Art-Net to TCP or serial commands. This allows any device to talk to any other device even if they don't speak the same language or protocol. Now a lighting console can control video equipment. for example, without the need of custom programming, which can easily and quickly be set up in the intuitive UDC software interface.

The Web Server allows remote web HTML access to UDC controllers or custom controller templates and custom user interfaces. By promoting access to the UDC through an array of control surfaces and interfaces, users' creativity is greatly enhanced. The Web Server extends the points of control to any machine with a web browser, including mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, any PC or Mac, Android devices, Windows Mobile devices or any type of touchscreen tablet or slate with a web browser and WiFi or LAN connectivity. Commands are sent from the computer running UDC to the user's devices by pressing or clicking buttons through the web browser remotely connected to UDC on a different computer. This is done in real time with little to no delay.

The Matrix Router Function gives users the ability to assign buttons to build an XY (input/output) Remote Control Panel (RCP) for any type of switching matrix router. The generic XY function does not send a command until the user presses a button assigned as a take or auto take button which holds the information about which device/router to send the switch command to. With this feature, users can build a single Universal Remote Control Panel (U-RCP) which can be deployed for multiple routers simultaneously. Each router has its own take or auto take button but uses the same XY buttons.

With Custom Command Sets users can easily add their own protocols and command sets for devices not yet included in the UDC command set list. Users simply copy and paste the external command information from a device's user manual into UDC software; a command set can even be saved as a file to import to another instance of UDC.

UDC is designed with Stacking Commands that permit users to define one button to simultaneously send more than one command to more than one device on different networks with different protocols. Common set ups include recalling presets for room control or live event control to multiple devices.

Finally, a Response Window offers real-time feedback and responses from devices users are sending commands to, such as sending a query command to a router to get visual feedback on the current switched state of that router.

About High Resolution Systems High Resolution Systems is a company with a strong systems engineering and applications background. Its founders have decades of experience in the audiovisual rental and staging industry, broadcast applications, AV installations and system design. This combined experience allows them to provide the highest possible quality solutions to its customers in the most efficient manner. For more information, visit