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The HandHold can be configured for applications that would normally require field modification or a custom-fabricated box. The open bottom allows cables to pass through, and the ModuLine Insert Panel Bracket Kit (MPIB) and Expander Panel give you the ability to mount connectors in the ends or bottom of the basket. The HandHold Basket is ideal for multi-pin connnectors or computer floor installations, can accomodate duplex power, and is available for the FMCA2000 (1ea) and FMCA3000 (2ea) series floorbox. Use the ModuLine Insert Panel Bracket to mount a ModuLine Insert Panel into a HandHold Basket without interfering with the HandHold opening or Expander Panel. To order, specify MPIB for each ModuLine Insert Panel selected. MPIB is not needed when using MPR (duplex power) is used.
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