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Nigel B. Design, Inc. - NB-2RUPB
Nigel B. Design, Inc. - NB-2RUPB Nigel B. Design, Inc. - NB-2RUPB Nigel B. Design, Inc. - NB-2RUPB
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2RU Locking Plenum Equipment Box, (2) 2U Rack Rails,and all Hardware

Series: Plenum Boxes

Model: NB-2RUPB

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2 RU Rack Locking Plenum Equipment Box can be used as a hanging version/Surface or integrated into the Nigel B Design Ceiling Tile Kit System.

Meets UL® 1043 NEC & state building code requirements.

The two Rack Rails supplied with the Unit can be removed if the equipment being installed doesn't require Rack Mounting.

Optional Air Ventilation Kit

Vent Blanking Plates are fitted when the Ventilation Kit is not used.

Under most circumstances, the ventilation kit will not be necessary, but heat drawn off from the installed Equipment is a concern we recommend that temperature readings are made. If the Temperature in determined to be over 110 degrees, you may find all that is required is. Under most circumstances The Air Ventilation Kit, the kit comprises of two Vent Ceiling Tile Fittings which are connected by two lengths of Flexible Fire Proof Aluminum Tubes that can be cut or stretched to 36".

Optional DC Fan Controller
Provision has been made for our DC Fan Controller to be fitted in extreme Heat Conditions.

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