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“Deathly Quiet” Broadcast Quality Dual Microphone Preamplifiers
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - The HR-MP2 and HR-MP2A Dual Microphone Preamplifiers are designed and manufactured by RDL in the USA to meet the most critical needs of Broadcasters, Recording Studios and System Integrators.

With THD and crosstalk below the noise floor, either product can be used as a stereo mic preamp or as two separate mono preamps. Both models feature a summed mono output.

Both units feature a discrete input stage with exceptionally low noise, described in a recent industry publication review as “deathly quiet”. The wide input signal range and very high input overload margin allow the use of very low output dynamic to high output condenser microphones delivering a virtual line level.

Electrical circuitry, specifications and performance of both models are essentially identical, the HR-MP2 offering some features not found in the lower priced HR-MP2A.

These preamps are powered from an external 24 VDC power supply. No bulky IEC power cord or connector.

Features common to the HR-MP2 and HR-MP2A include:

  • Two independent mic preamps
  • Balanced XLR inputs – per channel
  • Balanced / unbalanced line-level outputs – per channel
  • Front-panel 20 to 60 dB gain control – per channel
  • 15 dB input pad – per channel
  • Low-cut filter – per channel
  • Polarity reversal – per channel
  • Clip indicators for peaks 3 dB below clipping – per channel
  • Global phantom power – IEC 48 V
  • Summed mono output on terminal block

As the name implies, HALF-RACK Series products are readily rack mountable. Optional rack mounts include:

  • HR-RA2 19” rack adaptor for two HR-Series products in a single RU
  • HR-HRA1 10.4” rack adaptor for a single HR-Series product in 1 RU