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PixiePlus Motorized Volume Control - Audio Taper

Series: PixiePlus


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PXE-MOTVOL-CTL-A is a passive 10k ohm (AUDIO) taper stereo motorized potentiometer that can be placed in 
an audio chain between a mixer/switcher/preamp and an amplifier.  It will work automatically in response
to the PixiePlus volume up and down buttons. PixiePlus volume up and down buttons need to be programmed
(in learning mode) with any IR command to activate them. The PixiePlus bus also provides power to the unit.
There is a status LED on the back panel that illuminates amber to indicate power is present. The status LED
turns red when volume is reduced and green when volume is increased. Three (3-pin) phoenix connectors on the
back provide audio in (left-ground-right), audio out (left-ground-right) and bus connection (+6v-ground-bus).
Note:  MOTVOL controllers are only compatible with PixiePlus controller
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