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Yamaha has prospered in a variety of businesses devoted to audio and music over 130-year history of making pianos, band and orchestral instruments, guitars, and electronic keyboards, as well as audio products for professional, home-use, and conferencing. We provide the best audio experience with a wide range of products and services.

Model: YDM707

By incorporating decades of expertise in developing musical technologies, the YDM Series of dynamic microphones provides an exciting new addition to the Yamaha audio lineup that spans the entire input
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Yamaha Releases the Second Generation of AG Series Live Streaming Mixer Lineup
Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Yamaha Releases the Second Generation of AG Series Live Streaming Mixer Lineup

April 20, 2022 - Personal live streaming has become a major form of online entertainment as remote communication of all kinds continues to grow in importance for most everyone. Now there are so many forms of enjoyment in the streaming world with platforms such as YouTube Live, Twitch, and Podcasts offering an extremely diverse range of content and streaming styles—from simple single-person streaming applications, to those carried out with the cooperation of multiple people. The live streaming trend is also growing rapidly in the business and education worlds where a significantly greater number of classes, seminars, meetings, and business transactions are executed online via live streaming.

Foreseeing such growing demand in 2015, Yamaha released the AG series live streaming mixers which became an industry standard for a wide range of streaming applications. Whether live chatting, podcasting, or playing live music for a burgeoning fanbase, even users with no audio engineering experience could realize their streaming aspirations thanks to the flexible input capability, simple intuitive interface, and LOOPBACK function that allowed users to integrate USB connected audio signals into their broadcasts.

The 2nd generation of the AG series expands on these features with the updated AG06 and AG03 and an entirely new AG01 model—all developed to cover a more diverse range of use cases. All models and optional products/ packages are available in either black or white colors to easily adapt to a variety of streaming environments.

The successors to the original AG lineup, the AG06MK2 and AG03MK2 add two condenser mic capability (AG06MK2), a MUTE button, an amp simulator, and improved overall sound quality. They also now feature and a 4-pole mini I/O to support Android devices and enable mirrored streaming or voice chat streaming by simultaneously connecting the main streaming device via USB and the secondary streaming device to the 4-pole mini jack. The AG06MK2 comes equipped with two phantom powered mic inputs for condenser microphones in order to accommodate an even wider range of streaming applications such as dialogue driven podcasts, as well as band/ensemble musical performances.

The AG01 is a new model that integrates a studio-quality condenser microphone with a high-performance mixer unit that features almost the same DSP effects, LOOPBACK functionality, and flexible inputs as the AG06MK2 and AG03MK2 for stress-free streaming. The AG01 is compact enough to be placed on a desk or mounted on a desk arm, transforming almost any environment to a minimal streaming station. It can also be powered by a mobile battery allowing you to take your fully functioning streaming station anywhere you like.

The YCM01 studio-quality condenser microphone is an ideal choice for live streamers who require higher quality sound. Adopting a cardioid polar pattern for more focused sensitivity, the YCM01 will add a new level of professionalism to live streaming, remote meetings, and of course, music production.

The AG03MK2 LSPK Live Streaming Package is full streaming setup that includes an AG03MK2 live streaming mixer, a YCM01 condenser microphone as well as YH-MT1 high-fidelity headphones and an XLR mic cable to complete this simple yet powerful streaming station.

The updated AG Controller software allows users to easily and precisely check and configure the DSP audio processing inside the AG devices. Offering "Simple" and "Detail" modes of operation, AG Controller gives users detailed management of their audio from any Windows/Mac or iOS device connected to the AG via USB.

"Based on feedback from our customers and the ever-evolving trends surrounding the streaming ecosystem, we've updated the series to provide new options and value to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding live streaming markets," says Thomas Hemery, General Manager of Marketing & Sales, Pro Audio Division of the Company.

"It is our hope that the new AG Series will make it even easier for users to find their own unique voice, community, and audience through live streaming."